What is CleanContain?

Simple & Safe Sanitary Napkin Disposal

  • Sealed cartridges ensure no exposure to blood-borne pathogens
  • The entire refill cartridge is replaced when full – no cleaning required
  • Freshly scented, anti-microbial cartridges combat odor & blood-borne pathogens
  • No more overflowing units or trash laden floors

Service in a Snap with No Cleaning

  • Wall mounted units fit any size restroom stall
  • Cartridges are fully replaced 1-2 times per month with no cleaning required
  • No more old, open bags of sanitary waste that require daily service
  • Anti-microbial, scented cartridges combat odor and bacteria 24/7

Carbon Footprint Ltd. Approved

  • The responsible, green choice for sustainable sanitary waste disposal
  • Refill cartridges are made using biodegradable plastic additives
  • Cartridges safely biodegrade within one to five years
  • Fully recyclable bases
Each freshly scented, anti-microbial cartridge combats harmful bacteria & odor. CleanContain’s sealed system provides an ultimate barrier against blood-borne pathogens for ladies disposing of sanitary napkins in the restroom. Additionally, custodial teams are no longer exposed to open bags of sanitary waste while servicing.

Service in a Snap with No Cleaning!

Each CleanContain unit easily fits into any size stall for simple servicing. The freshly scented, antimicrobial refill cartridges protect restroom users from harmful blood-borne pathogens, while ensuring safe servicing for custodial teams. Depending upon restroom traffic, CleanContain’s units can be replaced on average 1-2 times per month. Custodians are no longer exposed to open plastic bags of sanitary waste that require daily changing.

We have considered the environment in all parts of our system – making CleanContain the responsible, green choice for Bio Friendly Sanitary Napkin Disposal. Each refill cartridges is made using biodegradable plastic additives that are designed to break down better and faster. Once they are disposed of, they safely biodegrade within one to five years.

Why Choose CleanContain

  • No cleaning required
  • Cartridges contain anti-microbial additives
  • Each freshly scented cartridge combats odor
  • Biodegradable Cartridges & fully recyclable bases
  • The sealed cartridge safeguards against harmful bloodborne pathogens

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